Our Study Recommendation:

Like the other Microsoft exams, it is important to use multiple study methods to make sure you cover every angle of the exam. If you want to a general overview of concepts and objectives, we recommend either online learning or one of the many study books. To handle the hands on and practical aspect of the exam, we recommend doing extensive lab work (either virtual labs or your own lab). As always, it is important to utilize Technet for an depth, higher level understanding of objectives, commands and general “trivia” questions. Finally, a practice test is always recommended to validate your knowledge prior to writing your own exam

Some Basic Exam Tips:

1. Contrary to popular recommendations, we believe it is best NOT to book your 70-680 test ahead of time. Many websites suggest if you book your exam in advance, it lights a fire under your butt and forces you to study for a deadline. The reality is, sometimes life and other commitments get in the way of studying. You do not want to be out $150 and be discouraged by a failing an exam.

2. Make sure you read each question carefully. If there seems like there are two correct answers, you have missed something in the question. Microsoft generally isn’t trying to trick you.

3. Try to answer the question without even looking at the answer key. If the answer you thought was correct is in the answer key, then it is a safe bet to go with that choice. If you can’t answer the question always try to use process of elimination and rule out each answer that is correct until you come to your conclusion.

4. Familiarize yourself with the different types of question formats that Microsoft may present you with in this great question breakdown. You can also view the question formats with video examples from Microsoft’s official website here.

5. Unlike CCNA exams, Microsoft exams (including 70-680) let you go back and change answers. Pay attention and see if any questions/answer keys in the exam give hints to the correct answer of a previous questions.

6. Many of the multiple choice questions can be ruled out right away as they are legacy commands that no longer apply to 2012 (for example: dcpromo). Know what commands have been phased out to give yourself an edge.

7. When practicing labs don’t just install a role/feature, configure it and test to make sure it works. Understand each setting and go through all configuration windows and try to memorize them. I would say almost 25% of the exam is understanding what settings do and where to find settings.