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Introduction to 70-411 Exam

70-411 is the second installment in the MCSA certification path. It builds on a lot of skills and concepts from the 70-411 and is even a significant amount of overlap. Most people I have talked to found this exam easier than the 70-410 simply because you know what to expect, and know how you have to study.

Much like the 70-410, there are a significant amount of resources available for the 70-411 exams. This includes practice exams, eLearning, books etc. These resources can certainly help give an overall understanding of exam objectives, but do not expect to pass just by reading a book or watching CBT Nugget videos. Technet will be your best friend, delivering the deeper understanding and knowledge needed to pass this exam. Furthermore, it is completely free and covers absolutely everything on the exams.

Technet will give a strong overview and understanding of each objective. It will include all powershell and cmdlets covered on the exam, steps to configure services, requirements, service concepts etc. The downfall of Technet is sifting through all the of the information to find what is valuable and what to study. The guide below will go objective by objective and tell you which articles you should be reading to get the knowledge you need.

Keep in mind that many of the objectives have been extensively covered in previous versions of windows. Microsoft does not release new documentation unless the technology is new or has been greatly overhauled. Therefor, some of the links in this study guide may be referencing Server 2003 or 2008 information. The information provided is still valid for Server 2012 services and features.


What to Focus On – Difficult objectives in the 70-411 exam

As I stated in the brief introduction, the 70-411 builds on many of the same concepts as the 70-410. The biggest challenge with this exam is the vast amount of networking objectives that are added into the mix. To make matters worse, many of these networking services and roles you have likely never used. The good news is that the objectives are straight forward and can be learned inside and out by doing some reading and lab work. Below are a few key areas that you should likely focus a respectable amount of time on.

Network Policy Server – Arguably the most dreaded part of this exam. There is alot to the NPS portion of the 70-411. I personally did lab work along with reviewing technet as my first approach. I then watched CBTnugget’s section on this to get a better overall understanding of NPS, and then I did more lab work once I had a better handle on the concepts. This approach seems backwards, but unless you have worked with NPS, you may find yourself getting lost following along to a video demonstration or reading a book about it without tinkering around on your own first.

NAT/VPN/RADIUS/NAP – All of these acronyms are closely related and require a lot of attention. Like NPS, this section can also be very challenging if you have had very little hands on experience. Like above, lab-work will be your best friend along with Technet.

Windows Deployment Services – Make sure you have a strong understanding of the various ways of working with images and editing them. Know how to discover, capture and customize.

Bitlocker – This section will be relatively easy for those of you familiar with Bitlocker and quite daunting for those of you who aren’t. Understand the features and how to configure it.

FSRM/DFS – DFS is a popular topic that many of you will have experience with. Understand the new R2 features, how to replicate and how to create namespaces. FSRM will cover alot of reporting, quotas and file screens.

Kerberos – The topic that everybody hates to learn. I promise that whether you are a Sharepoint Specialist, Apps admin or a Systems Admin, having a good understanding of Kerberos will serve you well in the future. Take the time to understand it for this exam.

Exam Breakdown

70-411 Exam Breakdown

The 70-411 certification exam consists of 6 main objectives:

Deploy, Manage and Maintain Servers (15-20%)

– Deploy and Manage Server Images
– Implement Patch Management
– Monitor Servers

Configure File and Print Services (15-20%)

– Configure Distributed file Systems
– Configure File Resource Manager
– File and Disk Encryption

Configure Network Services and Access (15-20%)

– Configure DNS
– Configure DNS Records
– Configure VPN Routing

Configure Network Policy Server Infrastructure (10-15%)

– Network Policy Server
– Configure NPS Policies
– Configure Network Access Protection

Configure and Manage Active Directory (10-15%)

– Configure Service Authentication
– Configure Domain Controllers
– Maintain AD
– Configure Account Policies

Configure and Manage Group Policy (15-20%)

– Configure Group Policy Processing
– Configure Group settings
– Manage Group Policy Objects
– Configure Group Policy Preferences


Objective 1 : Deploy Manage and Maintain Servers

Objective: Installing and Configuring Servers (15-20%)


Sub Objective: Deploy and Manager Server Images


Sub Objective: Implement Patch Management


Sub Objective: Monitor Servers

Objective 2: File and Print Services

Configure File and Print Services (15-20%)


Sub Objective: Configure Distributed File Systems


Sub Objective: Configure File Server Resource Manager


Sub Objective: File and Disk Encryption


Sub Objective: Configure Advanced Audit Policies

Objective 3: Configure Network Services and Access

Configure Network Services and Access (15-20%)


Sub Objective: Configure DNS


Sub Objective: Configure DNS Records


Sub Objective: Configure VPN Routing


Sub Objective: Configure Direct Access

Objective 4: Configure Network Policy Server Infrastructure

Configure Network Policy Infrastructure (10-15%)


Sub Objective: Network Policy Server


Sub Objective: Configure NPS Policies


Sub Objective: Configure Network Access Protection

Objective 5: Configure and Manage Active Directory

Configure and Manage Active Directory(10-15%)


Sub Objective: Configure Service Authentication


Sub Objective: Configure Domain Controllers


Sub Objective: Maintain Active Directory


Sub Objective: Configure Account Policies

Objective 6: Configure and Manage Group Policy

Configure and Manage Group Policy (15-20%)


Sub Objective: Configure Group Policy Processing


Sub Objective: Configure Group Settings


Sub Objective: Manage Group Policy Objects


Sub Objective: Configure Group Policy Preferences

Virtual Labs

Virtual Labs

All labs below are offered for free from Microsoft. They are online virtual machines and don’t require any special configuration on your end. Simply BROWSE HERE, select windows server from the side and then the correct operating system based on what lab you want to do below

Unfortunately the 70-411 isn’t very well covered in Microsoft online learning labs. The most difficult objectives in this exam are configure network services and access and configure network policy server. Both of these will need to be done in your own lab environment as they are hardly covered in the Microsoft online virtual labs.

Server 2012 R2 Labs

–          Windows Server Update Service
o   Build WSUS software infrastructure network

–          Getting to know Server 2012
o   Get to know the latest features and capabilities in Server 2012

–          Powershell Fundamentals
o   Introduction to powershell

–          Configure and Manage Servers
o   Configure roles and features and manage them with server manager

Server 2012 Labs

–          Active directory Deploy and Manage
o   Install domain controllers and manage AD infrastructure

–          Deploy and configure servers /w server manager
o   Using server manager and powershell to implement services

–          Managing widows server with Server Manager and Powershell
o   Manage multiple services and roles on multiple servers

–          Configure Direct Access
o   Configuring and Using Direct Access feature

–          Windows 2012 Direct Access (2nd lab)
o   Configure DA and perform offline domain join

Server 2008 R2 Labs

–          Active directory Recycle Bin, Powershell V2, and remoting
o   Managing Active Directory and using powershell

–          Whats new in AD
o   Work with Active directory and perform offline domain join

Video Tutorials

Visit our 70-411 Technical Tutorials to view videos of the most challenging objectives of the 70-411 exam. If you need some further knowledge or a better grasp on the concepts below, I recommend checking out these videos!

– Working with WDS
– Using WDS Unattend
– Installing and Configure WSUS
– Install and Configure DFS
– Understanding DNS
– Configure Direct Access
– Install and Configure NPS
– Network Access Protection
– Fine Grained Password Policies
– Importing and linking GPOs

Practice Tests

Practice Tests

Below is a small list of practice exams to test your knowledge. I highly recommend heading to our review section to look at purchasing a high quality paid practice exams for the 70-411 certification preparation

Transcender – free review
o Outstanding paid practice exam with great explanations for 70-410, 70-411 and 70-412.

Measureup– free review
o Good paid practice exam to test your knowledge

Online Learning Modules

Online Learning Modules

I highly recommend heading over to our review section to look at paid online learning modules to help assist your studies. Below are a few of the popular online resources:

–          CBTNuggets – free review
o   Great online learning series to give a strong overview of objectives

–          Pluralsight – free review
o   Another solid online learning series that makes learning objectives short and sweet

–          Transcender eLearning –free review
o   Not as complete as CBTnuggets or pluralsight but offers a decent overview of some objectives

Available books

Available Books

It is worthwhile to head over to our book review section to check out the available books for the 70-411 exam.

Mastering Server 2012 R2– free review
o Extremely indepth book that covers all objectives in good detail

Exam Ref 70-411 free review
o A solid explanation of concepts and objectives

MCSA Complete Study Guide free review
o Covers all objectives in all 3 exams with a fair amount of detail