This is one of multiple videos in Chris H.’s working with WDS Server 2012 series. In this video you will learn to set up WDS, configure it with OS images, capture configured and updated images back to the server while utilizing hyper-V.

Prereqs for this exercise:
ADDS (one domain controller)
DHCP (dynamic IPv4 addresses are needed for PXE boots)
WDS – Manages OS deployment over the network

Another great follow-along tutorial by Chris H. which covers deplying windows 7 images in a fully automated fashion by utilizing WDS unattended answer files.

The prerequisites for this exercise include having a Server 2012 domain environment set up which includes AD-DS, DNS, DHCP, Hyper-V, WDS, and ADK.

An Excellent Tutorial that covers installing WSUS, configuring clients and using client-side targeting and server side targeting.

This tutorial will cover installation and configuration of DFS namespaces and replication in Windows Server 2012. This objective is quite straight forward, however it may require significant studying if you have had little to no experience working with this feature. Audio in this video is difficult to hear so you may need to turn up your volume!

This provides a very in-depth overview of how DNS works, terminology, DNS zones etc. This is a very challenging part of the 70-410 and 70-411 exams (especially if you have very little hands on experience). This series provided by Barry Brown will give you a very strong foundation of what DNS is all about.

A free video provided by Trainsignal that walks you through configuring and installing Direct Access.

This video provides an excellent overview of configuring and installing NPS with Raidus/VPN client. The video has no audio, but all steps are very well explained with a white board and it provides an excellent overview of this objective.

A great free “micronugget” supplied by CBTNuggets. In this demo, James Conrad gives a great demonstration on using NAP with DHCP.

Very quick overview by Paul Gregory about using Fine Grained Password Policies in Server 2012.

Believe it or not, based on our feedback, one of the most confusing part of GPOs is using the filtering. In this video, Matt Hester gives a great demonstration on filtering group policies settings and preferences as well as GPO targeting.