Below is a selection of video tutorials that cover the most challenging objectives in the 70-680 exam. The videos are part of a free resource offered by Professor Messer.

*Warning* Based on community feedback, resources such as Professor Messer, CBTNuggets and Pluralsight do not cover objectives in enough detail to be considered an adequate sole resource for the 70-680 exam. We highly recommend using Technet or book references in conjunction with videos to give you the best chance of passing.

An excellent video from Professor Messer from his list of 70-680 tutorials. This demonstration goes over desktop migratings using the Windows User State migration Tool. You will gain an understanding of loadstate and scanstate as well as configuring XML files.

Another great video from Professor Messer which explains how to capture a windows image using Windows PE and ImageX

In this video Professor Messer walks you through creating a virtual hard disk, applying WIMs to VHDs and configuring your computer to boot to a VHD.

This video gives an excellent explanation of how to utilize GPOs to restrict applications. This process includes using hash rules, cert rules, path rules, network zones and default rules.

Learn about in private modes, certificates, search providers, ad dons, compatibility mode and security settings in this excellent tutorial.

This video explains connecting to a network, using APIPA, resolving basic connection issues and configuring name resolution

This video covers IPv6 Connections and how to properly configure IPV6 protocol using both the command line and GUI interface.

This module will cover configure rules for profiles, creating custom rules for your firewall, using Windows firewall and using Firewall Advanced settings

Learn BranchCache requirements, configuring Branchcache, hosted cache mode and distributed cache mode.

Configure Windows 7 rights, using smart cards, manage credentials, manage certifications and elevating user privileges.

Configure Bitlocker, update VIA GPO and manage data recovery agents.

This video will teach you how to operate offline policies, transparent caching and power policies.

Configure and manage data collector sets, system diagnostic reports, event subscriptions, event logs and filters.

Understand software RAID arrays, convert disk types, manage disk volumes and learn about MBR and GPT partitions.

Create system recovery disks, learn how to backup files/folders/systems and configure backup schedules.