W elcome to The purpose of my website is to provide aspiring techies with confidence, skills and knowledge needed to pass the most highly respected Microsoft Exams as well as succeed in your technical field of choice.

Studying for Microsoft certifications can be quite an overwhelming task. Believe me, I’ve been there. Diving into a 600 page book or watching 40 hours of instructional video without a clear direction or plan for absorbing material is often the downfall of most people preparing for Microsoft examinations. The MCSE and MCSA have reputations of being challenging and difficult to pass. However, the course breakdown for MCSA and MCSE certifications paths is very structured. With a proper learning plan, I promise you that anybody willing to put in the effort can get this certification.

Tech Exam Academy is a free online resource that will provide news on certifications, reviews of popular study material and personally developed study guides that will focus on study methods, exam tips, detailed labs, case studies, quiz questions and powershell/commandlet breakdowns for numerous exams.

My reviews and study material have been created by a small team of us who have various certifications and 40+ combined years of experience in the IT field. This website has been put together on our spare time. We want to give the community peace of mind knowing that the material offered on this website has been created by people just like you who have personally taken MCSA and MCSE courses.

The intentions of my website are:

1. To motivate me AND you to further our education and knowledge, specifically with Microsoft products
2. To be used as an online resource by myself and anyone else interested in furthering their career, education and knowledge in Information Technology
3. To provide informative, reliable and organized information about Microsoft and Microsoft Examinations

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1. Find out the best information for passing MCSA and MCSE exams and share them with you
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